Office of Naval Research Summer Faculty Research & Sabbatical Leave Program
Faculty should submit applications to the sabbatical leave program at least 6 months prior to the start of their proposed sabbatical.

Sabbatical Leave Application

Application Instructions

To apply for the Sabbatical Leave Program, you must submit a completed application packet to TMT Group, Inc Headquarters. A complete Sabbatical Leave Program application packet consists of:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (please include the following information on your C.V.):
    1. Colleges attended, with dates of attendance and degrees received, field, and titles of theses and dissertations.
    2. Chronology of professional employment and significant academic and professional activities.
    3. List of publications. List referred journal articles separately from reports, abstracts, paper in conference proceedings, etc.
    4. Research experience.
    5. Courses taught.
    6. List of current contract or grant activities. Please include title, funding source, funds per year, principal investigator, and the percentage of time charged to the contract or grant in the last year.
  • Description of proposed research project (approximately three typewritten pages)
  • Statement from academic institution which verifies the faculty member's approval for sabbatical leave including dates.
  • Statement from academic institution regarding base salary, the percentage of salary provided by the home institution while on sabbatical leave, and the percentage of salary contributed by the home institution to the applicant's retirement fund.
Prospective applicants should contact the research facility at which they are interested in working to jointly develop a suitable research proposal.

Application Review and Notification of Decision

As applications are received, TMT Group, Inc. will verify support of the proposed project with the sponsoring Navy laboratory. Once the verification is received, the application and proposed sabbatical research project will be reviewed by experts in the discipline. Reviews will be submitted to the Navy laboratory along with the application for a final decision regarding the application. The applicant will be notified of the outcome three to four months after receipt of application.