Office of Naval Research Summer Faculty Research & Sabbatical Leave Program
Navy Personnel, Research, Studies & Technology (Bureau of Naval Personnel)

The Navy Personnel Research, Studies, and Technology (NPRST) Division of the Bureau of Naval Personnel is the Navy’s personnel research and development (R&D) laboratory. Its mission is to conduct R&D to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations within the Navy and Marine Corps. NPRST’s professional staff of civilian researchers, military experts, university consultants, and commercial contractors team together to improve: personnel planning, testing, recruiting, selection, classification, training, utilization, motivation, organization, and management, while also addressing contemporary problems. Within NPRST, there are five research Institutes:

Institute for Personnel Planning & Policy Analysis:

Conducts research and develops new technologies and methods for managing the DON's workforce through planning and policy development. This institute develops simulation and forecasting tools to predict personnel behavior; develops personnel planning tools for constructing and monitoring strength, accession, retention, promotion, and training plans. Develops prototype technologies for organizing, delivering, and mining complex personnel data. Studies demographic, sociological, education, economic, and labor market trends and analyzes impact on the DON workforce.

Institute for Distribution & Assignment:

Conducts research and development in new technologies and methods of distributing and assigning personnel to jobs to improve military readiness, better manage careers and control costs. This institute designs prototype systems for assigning Sailors to jobs based on cost, fleet requirements, individual preferences, career needs and a wide variety of assignment policies. Investigates methods for streamlining the Navy officer and enlisted distribution and assignment processes and to provide individually tailored assignment and career information to Sailors. Develops systems for optimally executing the manpower distribution process. Monitors state-of-the-art developments in operations research, computer science, artificial intelligence, and related disciplines for potential application to personnel distribution and assignment.

Institute for Selection & Classification:

Conducts research and development in technologies and procedures for recruiting, selecting, and classifying enlisted personnel to reduce attrition while improving satisfaction, performance, and retention. This institute develops effective and efficient methods for screening individuals for military service, develops new cognitive and non-cognitive instruments to predict training, job performance, job advancement and retention likelihood. Designs and develops techniques that more effectively classify recruits into Navy skills by using the “whole person assessment?concept. Develops improved measures of personnel performance. Monitors state-of-the-art developments in behavioral and cognitive science, operations research, statistics, and information systems for potential application to selection and classification problems.

Institute for Organizational Assessment:

Conducts research and development to improve the Navy’s understanding of its diverse workforce, and to assess programs and organizations designed to support the workforce. As the CNO’s primary personnel survey resource and technical authority, develops technologies to evaluate the effectiveness of quality of life programs and to improve the quality of personnel survey data. Develops new survey and attitude measurement technologies including methodological techniques, sampling strategies, and survey design. Conducts organizational assessments to determine appropriate changes needed to meet efficiency and effectiveness goals; designs, develops, and evaluates interventions and change strategies that evolve from these assessments. Develops methods, procedures, and instruments for assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of management and leadership practices.

Institute for Enabling Technologies:

Assesses emerging technologies for application to manpower and personnel research and studies.