Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1 What are my chances?
In recent years the program has been able to offer appointments to approximately 25% of the applicants. Some participating centers have large programs, and some have small programs. The estimate is based on recent years' participation; the actual number could be larger or smaller than the estimate. 


1.2 I've been at the same stipend level for several years, how do I move to the next stipend level?
When deciding appointment levels the committee looks to see if the applicant has made any improvements in his/her area or field of research. For example, just to name a few, they are looking to see how many first author papers you have published, or how many conferences you have attended and presented papers at, etc. All this information can be listed on the Summer Faculty Application.


1.3 I am a professor at my university will I automatically receive the Distinguished Summer Faculty level?
The appointment levels are not based on tenure, but on your accomplishments in your area or field of research.


1.4 How many consecutive years can I participate in the Summer Faculty Research Program?
The Summer Faculty Research program observes a one year cooling off period in between three-year stints. This means that a fellow can participate for a maximum of three years before having to take one year off from the program. After the one year break, the faculty person can again participate in the program.


1.4 Why am I asked demographic information?
This information will not be provided to evaluators and will not impact your eligibility in any way. It is used to determine the degree to which members of diverse sections of the eligible population are aware of  and apply for this program. See the Privacy Act Statement for more information.


2. Eligibility

2.1 I am an Adjunct or Emeritus Professor am I eligible?
As long as you hold a regular teaching or research position at a U.S. college or university, but not if the position is in title only with little or no teaching or researching duties.


2.2 I am a professor of social/behavioral sciences am I eligible?
Yes, you are eligible to participate in the program. Several research centers have ongoing research projects involving psychology, sociology, etc. For more information about specific labs, please see the Participating Labs page. You may also contact the Laboratory Coordinator to further discuss the research opportunities available.


2.3 I am a professor of humanities/liberal arts am I eligible?
 Yes, you are eligible; however, the program is directed toward science and engineering research, therefore the number of opportunities available is very few. Please see the Participating Labs page and see what opportunities are available. You may also contact the Laboratory Coordinator of the lab(s) you are interested in to further discuss the research opportunities available.


2.4 I am a permanent resident of the U.S., but have not been granted citizenship yet am I eligible?
You are eligible at some labs; however, the Navy labs require security clearance and/or special handling of legal permanent residents. It is best that you contact the appropriate Navy labs and find out the requirements.


2.5 I have applied for legal permanent resident status am I eligible?
If your permanent residency is granted before the start of your appointment, you would be eligible. Your appointment to the summer faculty research program can be conditioned  on your obtaining permanent  residency. Some Navy labs require security clearance and/or special handling of legal permanent residents. It is best that you contact the appropriate Navy labs and find out the requirements.


3. Terms of Appointment

3.1 Is housing provided?
No, acquiring housing for the duration of the program is the responsibility of the fellow. A modest relocation allowance is provided to qualifying fellows. Housing availability and cost vary from center to center. Navy host personnel and Laboratory Coordinators may be able to assist participants in finding suitable housing. 


3.2 What is the modest relocation allowance?
The Summer Faculty Research Program awards a lump sum of $3,500 to fellows who relocate greater than 50 miles from their home. This allowance is meant to cover travel to/from the home location at the beginning/end of the summer fellowship and to offset the cost of living in temporary housing.


3.3 What are the stipend levels?
Stipends are tentatively set for $1,400 per week at the Summer Faculty Fellow level, $1,650 per week at the Senior Summer Faculty Fellow level, and $1,900 per week at the Distinguished Summer Faculty  Fellow level. 


3.4 What are the requirements for each level of appointment and how is that determined? (This is considered only for designation, not selection)
The three levels of appointment are: Summer Faculty Fellow, Senior Summer Faculty Fellow and Distinguished Summer Faculty Fellow. The number of faculty members who qualify for the different levels of  appointment varies each year. As an example, the breakdown of the 2018 program participants by level of appointment is shown below. 

       A. 2018 Summer Program - Level of Appointment:

          Summer Faculty Fellow:    53%       
           Senior Summer Faculty Fellow:    42%
           Distinguished Summer Faculty Fellow:    5%

      B. Qualifications for Summer Fellow Faculty Member: (This is considered only for designation, not selection)

           Less than 6 years of research experience in his/her field of expertise after earning a Ph.D. or equivalent degree.          
           Tenured Track Assistant Professor or higher standing.
           At least one peer-reviewed publication.

     C. Qualifications for Senior Fellow Faculty Member: (This is considered only for designation, not selection)

           At least 6 years of research experience in his/her field of expertise after earning a Ph.D. or equivalent degree.      
           Tenured Associate Professor or higher standing.
           Publish a minimum of one paper per year since Ph.D. in peer-reviewed journals.

     D. Qualifications for Distinguished Fellow Faculty Member: (This is considered only for designation, not selection)

           Tenured Full Professor, preferably with Endowed Chair.      
           Minimum 100 peer-reviewed publications.
           Internationally recognized for their research achievements.
           Scientific/Technical Society Fellow.

       Each year, the Level of Appointment for all participants is determined by a panel of scientists and engineers. Decisions of the review panel are final.


4. Application Process

4.1 What happens after I submit my application to ProSource360, Inc.? 
After your application is received, it is submitted to the U.S. Navy laboratories that were selected on your application. The lab research staff reviews the applications and sends a  list of selected faculty to ProSource360, Inc.. In early February, a panel of experts from various disciplines is convened to review the selected applications and determine the level of appointment for each fellow. All applicants are then notified of the status of their application to the program.


4.2 How do I apply? 
Through the online application. You will need to create a login and password to access the application. This will allow you the opportunity to save information and return to your application in the likely case that you have not updated your CV. ONLY online applications will be accepted.


4.3 I created a login and password last year. Can I use the same login and password to access the application this year?
No, the logins and passwords used in previous years will not allow you to access the application. 


4.3 How many labs may I apply to?
You may apply to a maximum of 2 labs. 


4.4 What if I need to change my application or select different labs?
Please email the SFRP Program Manager at at ProSource360, Inc. to determine the possibility of changing your application.


4.5 I am a current participant, how do I apply for another summer?
Previous participants who wish to apply for a subsequent summer at a Navy center must submit a new application to ProSource360, Inc. each year. 


4.6 I loaded my CV why do I need to type in the boxes asking about Conferences, Citations, Presentations, etc?
The evaluation committee is concerned with your most recent accomplishments but may want to review your career accomplishments. This is all very helpful to the reviewer when deciding which level to place an applicant.