Sabbatical Leave Program

Further Your Research at a Navy Laboratory

About the program

The Sabbatical Leave Program provides fellowship appointments for a minimum of one semester to a maximum of one year in length. The purpose of sabbatical leave is to provide an opportunity for faculty members to engage in scholarly, creative, professional, research, or other academic activities that will enhance the faculty member's further contributions to their institution.

Participants in the Sabbatical Leave Program receive a monthly stipend making up the difference between salary and sabbatical leave pay from their home institution. Relocation and travel assistance are provided to qualifying participants. This program is residential and all work must be completed on site at the sponsoring U.S. Navy Laboratory.

Applications for the Sabbatical Leave Program must be submitted six months prior to the start of the proposed sabbatical.

Expected benefits of the Sabbatical Leave Program:

  • Broaden the scope and horizon of faculty member's research interests and provide a foundation for future research collaborations.
  • Provide an understanding of the Department of the Navy research interests and the technological implications thereof, thus enhancing the abilities of Fellows to pursue and obtain funding for research at their home institution.
  • ​Foster lasting relationships between Fellows and the researchers at the Navy laboratories.


Faculty members from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Institutions, American Indian Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HBCU/MI/TCU/HIS), as designated by the U.S. Department of Education, are especially encouraged to apply.


How to apply

Step #1

Visit this website and find lab that matches your interest and research.

Step #2

Locate a lab mentor who is interested in hosting your research and in conjunction develop suitable research proposal.

Step #3

Gather all required information from your institution.

Step #4

Complete and submit online application with all supplemental information six months prior to intended start.