Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC

Laboratory Coordinator:
Erica M. Deschak-Joya 
Human Resources Coordinator
Code 1810 Building 72 North
4555 Overlook Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20375-5320

  • All participants must be U.S. citizens. NRL will not accept Permanent Residents or Dual Citizens as applicants for the ONR Summer Faculty Program.
  • As the Navy’s full-spectrum corporate laboratory, NRL conducts a broadly based, multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development directed toward maritime applications of new and improved materials; techniques; equipment; systems; ocean, atmospheric, and space sciences; and related technologies. Specific leadership responsibilities and expertise are maintained in the following areas:
  • Primary in-house research in the physical, engineering, space and environmental sciences;
  • Broadly based exploratory and advanced development programs in response to identified and anticipated Navy needs;
  • Broad multidisciplinary support to the Naval Warfare Centers;
  • Space systems technology, development, and support.


NRL conducts cutting edge research and technology development to keep the United States Navy and Marine Corps the most advanced in the world. NRL’s scientists and engineers conduct basic and applied research across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines for both immediate and long-range national defense needs. NRL’s research is primarily sponsored by government agencies including the Office of Naval Research, Naval Systems Commands and Warfare Centers, Air Force, Army, DARPA, Department of Energy, and NASA. Please click on any subcategory listed below to discover more detail of our work.

Autonomous & Unmanned Systems 

Chemical & Biological Sciences

Computational Physics


Environments [Sea/Air/Space]

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Optical Sciences

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Quantum Research

Space Sciences